Deep Sentinel Home Security System

With powerful artificial intelligence, Deep Sentinel's Live Guards prevent crimes before they happen.

  • Predictive AI surveillance
  • 24/7 human monitoring
  • Fast response times
Deep Sentinel Security System

Founded in 2016 by David Selinger and Winston Chen, Deep Sentinel is a camera-based security system that combines state-of-the-art AI technology and live human guards, which offered us home protection as well as prevention from crime. That’s good because, in 2018, there were 685,766 home burglaries,1 and out of these, 346,312 took place during the day (most likely when residents were at work or school) and 218,028 took place at night (when it’s dark and residents are probably sleeping). While a few things have changed since 2018, one factor remains the same: property crimes are more likely to happen when no one is looking. With Deep Sentinel, we had eyes on our home 24/7, 365. Let’s explore our favorite things about this security system, its pricing, and how it stacks up against its competitors.

Smart Home Integrations

Deep Sentinel Cameras
Deep Sentinel Cameras

We have a lot of really great things to say about Deep Sentinel (feel free to check out our Deep Sentinel review for more info!), but if you’re specifically interested in a security system that offers smart home integrations, Deep Sentinel may not be what you’re looking for. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company’s reasoning changed your mind. Selinger, the company’s CEO and Co-Founder, explains that they left out integrations with voice assistants and Internet of Things devices as they are more susceptible to being hacked. The company is interested in integrating with these appliances, but not until they find a secure way to do so.

Voice assistant compatibility

Voice assistant Deep Sentinel compatibility
Alexa No
Google Assistant No

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Here’s what we like the most about Deep Sentinel:

  • Easy DIY Setup: All we needed to install Deep Sentinel was a smartphone, a screwdriver, and a ladder. The app offered us clear and simple instructions, and the single-screw mounts were easy to install. The entire process took us about 30 minutes.
  • Camera Quality: Since Deep Sentinel’s system relies on its cameras, we were happy with how high the quality is. The cameras shoot in a crystal-clear 1080p HD, with 16 infrared LED sensors, and a 130° field of view—meaning our home had full coverage, day and night.
  • Camera Functions and Live Guards: The cameras also have formidable security features that act as visual and audible deterrents. The other week, while we weren’t home, our system was activated by someone trying to steal a package from our front door. When the potential threat was detected, the cameras lit up with a bold red ring, which made the thief hesitate but continue to walk towards the package. But before they could reach it, a Live Sentinel Guard greeted them through the camera’s two-way speaker with a simple “Hello,” causing them to back off and walk away.
  • Smart AI Technology: Deep Sentinel’s hub stores the system’s artificial intelligence capabilities, which helps the system differentiate potential threats from ordinary activity. In other words, the system didn’t notify us because a squirrel ran across our driveway or because our kids were playing in the backyard.
  • Mobile App: The mobile app made it easy to access our Deep Sentinel security system from anywhere. It offered a clear overview of our home security, and we used it to view and speak through any camera, access security clips, and adjust our notification and privacy settings with ease. Speaking of privacy, be sure to check out Deep Sentinel’s latest privacy report.


Deep Sentinel Hub
Deep Sentinel Hub

In 2017, a property crime was committed every 4.1 seconds. Larceny-thefts2 occurred every 5.7 seconds and every 22.6 seconds for burglaries. While those statistics are alarming, we were impressed with how Deep Sentinel made top-of-the-line security so accessible for us.


With its different packages to choose from, we chose the right package for our home (we went with the 3-Cam Kit, which is not on the Deep Sentinel site currently), although there are other options for homes of all sizes:

Package Pricing Matrix for Deep Sentinel

Package Price Includes
6-Cam Kit $1,149 1 hub,
6 cameras,
6 camera mounts,
7 batteries
Front Door Kit (1-Cam) $399 1 hub,
1 camera,
1 camera mount,
2 batteries
Build Your Own Kit Will Vary Can choose from 1 to 6 cameras

Currently, you can choose from the Front Door 1-Cam Kit ($399) or the 6-Camera Kit ($1,149), but we could also create a customized kit if we wanted to, the price of which would depend on the equipment we end up going with.

Add-On Equipment

Deep Sentinel also offered us add-on equipment:

Add-on Item Price Includes
Additional Camera $150 1 camera,
1 camera mount,
1 battery
Extra Standard Battery $29 1 standard battery
Extra High-Capacity Battery $49 1 high-capacity battery
WiFi Range Extender $30 1 WiFi range extender
USB + Extreme Temperature Battery $59 1 weather-proof battery with USB port
Solar Charger & USB + Extreme Temperature Battery Kit $88 1 weather-proof battery with USB port,
1 solar charger

We had the option to add an additional camera (including battery and mount) costing $150, and additional batteries and $29 for standard. Some other accessories we considered getting included a WiFi Range Extender ($30), a USB + Extreme Temperature Battery ($59), and a Solar Charger & USB + Extreme Temperature Battery Kit ($88).

Hot Tip: Is Deep Sentinel a bit pricey for your wallet? 0% APR, $0 down financing is available through Affirm, for those who qualify.


Since the entire system is built on the idea of having live guards available to monitor your home, Deep Sentinel didn’t let us avoid monthly fees and self-monitor through our app on our own. If you’re interested in lower-cost professional monitoring, consider looking into a package from Cove, where users can pay as little as $24.99 per month. Similarly, SimpliSafe’s costs start at $83 cents a day (about $25 a month), making it a highly affordable option in terms of both equipment and monitoring. But with Deep Sentinel, we absolutely love the security that live 24/7 monitoring offers. Regardless of where we are or if we’re available to check our phones for notifications, we know that between Deep Sentinel’s AI detection and the Live Sentinel Guards’ interaction, our home is in the best of hands!

Front Door (1 Cam) Kit 6 Cam Kit
Equipment price $399 $1149
Monthly cost $60 $160

Now, depending on the kit, the price of a monitoring subscription will vary at $60 a month for the 1-Cam Kit and $160 for the 6 Camera Kit. However, we were able to save two months’ worth of professional monitoring services by paying for the year upfront. Neither of these choices affected the one-year contract we agreed to, however.

FYI: With Deep Sentinel, there’s no need to worry about memory storage. Between the 64GB of cloud storage and 64GB of flash memory, there’s plenty of space for all our security clips!

How Does Deep Sentinel Compare to Its Competitors?

Deep Sentinel Yard Sign
Deep Sentinel Yard Sign

While cameras from Arlo and Nest offer AI, with person detecting and facial recognition, Deep Sentinel’s AI is more advanced and can differentiate between threatening and non-threatening behaviors, which you can read about below. Plus, all Deep Sentinel systems come with monitoring, while it’s optional with Arlo and no longer available from Nest, as their system, Nest Secure, has been discontinued. If you want to self-monitor and avoid monthly fees, these might be better options for you.

30 Seconds 60 Seconds Not Covered
Robbery attempt Yes No No
Burglary involving break-in of door or window Yes No No
Auto theft or burglary Yes No No
Violent behavior or assault Yes No No
Package theft attempts Yes No No
Suspicious behavior or vandalism Yes No No
Customer initiated greeting to test system No Yes No
Confirm package delivery No Yes No
Person standing at entrance door No Yes No
Person standing at car with doors closed No Yes No
Police on property No Yes No
Monitor or supervise private parties or events No No Yes
Supervise children in or near pools No No Yes
Respond to non-violent domestic disputes No No Yes
Monitor pets or repetitive contractor activity No No Yes

On the security system front, Deep Sentinel’s monthly fees are pricier than packages from Vivint, ADT’s alarm kits, and Frontpoint’s monitoring plans, which range from about $40 to $60 a month, but again, Deep Sentinel’s cameras are far superior in terms of AI. However, while Deep Sentinel can address the crime and contact the authorities sooner than these alarm brands, ADT, Frontpoint, and Vivint offer entry, motion, and glass break sensors while Deep Sentinel doesn’t (yet).

Overall Value

Deep Sentinel is a great option for someone who is interested in crime prevention and someone who doesn’t mind the price tag that goes along with it. We enjoyed the system’s high-quality, 1080p HD cameras with wide fields of view and infrared night vision, its use of artificial intelligence, the availability of real people to watch over our home and to de-escalate situations when needed, and its user-friendly mobile app. We look forward to seeing when (and if) the company adds smart home integrations and sensors later down the line. All in all, we think that Deep Sentinel can possibly make the difference between being a part of the statistics or stopping a crime before it has the chance to happen but again, you pay for what you get.


Deep Sentinel is in a league of its own, so we wouldn't be surprised if you have additional questions about it. Let's answer those in this FAQ section.

  • How much does Deep Sentinel cost?

    Deep Sentinel costs $399 for a one-camera kit or $1,149 for the six-camera kit. You can also customize a kit to include between one and six cameras. Each kit contains one Smart Hub with AI processor, a battery pack for each camera plus one extra, a yard sign, and a self-install kit that include security screws. Aside from equipment cost, you also have to purchase a LiveSentinel subscription. The subscription price varies depending on your camera kit.

    Costs Front Door 1-Cam Kit 6-Camera Kit
    Price $399 $1,149
    Deep Sentinel wireless cameras 1 6
    Battery packs 2 7
    Smart Hub with AI processor 1 1
    Simple single-screw mounts 1 6
    Yard sign 1 1
    LiveSentinel monthly fee $60 $160
  • How does Deep Sentinel work?

    Deep Sentinel works by combining artificial intelligence with 24/7 live monitoring. The Deep Sentinel wireless outdoor cameras connect to the Smart Hub, which is an indoor unit similar to a router. The cameras watch over your property, using artificial intelligence to detect possible threats, such as a person walking on your yard. As soon as they detect a threat, a bright red ring lights up on the cameras’ faces to potentially deter the would-be intruder. At the same time, the cameras start streaming live feeds to Deep Sentinel’s monitoring station. A guard, which is a real person, will assess the situation and decide if it needs intervention. If it does, the guard will speak through the cameras’ 104 dB speakers to try and stop the would-be intruder. If that doesn’t work still, Deep Sentinel will contact local enforcement. Since it’s a verified alarm thanks to the live feed, Deep Sentinel alerts are more likely to get faster police responses.

  • Does Deep Sentinel require contracts?

    Yes, Deep Sentinel requires contracts. If you get a LiveSentinel subscription, which ranges between $60 and $160 depending on the number of your cameras, you will have to sign a one-year service commitment. Regardless of your LiveSentinel subscription, you will be responsible for paying $1,200 for early termination of service within the contract term. However, Deep Sentinel has a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you cancel your subscription within the first 30 days, you won’t have to pay the early termination penalty.

  • Can I install Deep Sentinel myself?

    Yes, you can install Deep Sentinel yourself. Deep Sentinel is a self-installed system, and all camera kits include a self-installation kit with instructions as well as secure mounts for each camera. When installing Deep Sentinel cameras, all you need is a Wi-Fi network. The cameras don’t plug into power outlets, as they run on batteries. With Deep Sentinel kits, you will receive an extra battery so you can swap out empty batteries without waiting for them to charge. However, the Smart Hub with AI processor, which is basically the brains of the system, must remain plugged into a power outlet.

Editors Rating:
7.9 /10