Nest Camera Prime Day Deals for 2022

Just what kind of cash can you save on Nest cameras this Prime Day?

  • Individual cameras range from $99.99 to $279.99
  • Packages of two to five cameras range from $259.98 to $899.95
  • Nest Aware subscriptions cost either $3 or $6 per month, or $30 or $60 per year
Nest Cam

Prime Day is fast approaching. In fact, Amazon has scheduled it a full month earlier than we expected, June 21 and 22 rather than July. These new dates mean it’s time to start thinking about what kind of equipment you might be able to get your hands on for less money. A Nest camera is a favorite smart home device of ours, but it isn’t cheap, so we’re always on the lookout for savings opportunities.

What deals on the Amazon website will Prime Day bring for Nest cameras this year? Read on to get all the details on the Prime Day home security camera deals. We’ve even included information about the Nest Hello, one of our favorite smart doorbells.

Nest Cam Indoor
Nest Cam Indoor

Nest Prime Day Deals

If you’ve done any research on cameras and smart home devices, you know that Nest doesn’t come cheap. For the most part, though, we’re OK with Nest’s higher prices. After all, you get what you pay for, and Nest cameras are among the best in the industry.

Of course, we’re still looking for the best prices around, and Prime Day offers an excellent opportunity to save.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

However, Google, which owns the Nest brand, likes to play its cards close to the chest. That’s not unusual for a Big Five tech company, since they’re all highly competitive. None of them like to let the others know what they’re up to.

For instance, Google typically doesn’t release sale information until just before a sale begins, which includes their Prime Day deals. So far, they’ve said nothing about what they might be offering this June.

However, we can make some pretty reliable predictions based on the company’s past behavior. After all, their price discounts have been pretty consistent over the last two years.

During recent sales, Nest’s Amazon prices for security cameras have been $40 less than their regular prices. That’s true for their Prime Day deals, but Nest camera Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have been the same as well. You can also get discounts if you buy multiple cameras at once for a more complete camera system from Amazon.

Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

How does this discount translate into actual prices? Here’s the range we expect based on last year’s Prime Day:1

Camera 2020 Prime Day discounted price Total savings
Nest Cam Indoor $89 $40
Nest Cam Outdoor $159 $40
Nest Cam IQ Indoor $159 $40
Nest Cam IQ Outdoor $289 $40
Nest Cam Video Doorbell $179 $50

Of course, Nest isn’t the only company offering great Prime Day deals. We’re also looking forward to lower Prime Day Blink camera deals and Prime Day Ring camera deals. Whatever you order, you should know that Prime Day includes package theft at higher levels than normal. Keep an eye out for porch pirates!

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to take advantage of Prime Day deals, you’ll need a Prime membership. Annual memberships are $119, but you can purchase a one-month membership for only $12.99. That means you can take full advantage of Prime Day by signing up for June only. Take advantage of the deals even more by buying discounted kits on Amazon.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor
Nest Cam IQ Indoor

Normal Pricing for Nest Cameras

Just to provide a little context, let’s look at what Nest cameras cost normally (note that the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor and the Nest Hello video doorbell aren’t currently available on Amazon).

Model Normal Amazon price Refurbished Amazon price
Nest Cam Indoor $129 $119
Nest Cam Outdoor $199 $179
Nest Cam IQ Indoor $319 $239
Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam Outdoor bundle $329 Unavailable
2 Nest Cam Outdoors $419 Unavailable
3 Nest Cam Indoors $389 Unavailable
3 Nest Cam Indoors with 2 Deco Gear Wi-Fi smart plugs $399 Unavailable
2 Nest Cam Outdoors with 2 Deco Gear Wi-Fi smart plugs $447 Unavailable

How do these prices compare to similar products? Nest is one of the best security camera companies out there, but our research found that Nest security cameras and doorbell cameras are also among the most expensive.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Video Display
Nest Cam IQ Indoor Video Display

Most other doorbell cameras, for instance, range in price from $149 to $199, at least $30 cheaper than the Nest Hello. And Nest’s most basic cam, the Nest Cam Indoor, is priced at more than double the rate of the nearest competitor, Ring. The Ring Indoor Cam costs only $60 normally, for example, versus Nest’s $129 price tag. In sum, if you’re looking for a cheap security camera, Nest may not be right for you, even on Prime Day.

FYI: Nest provides three free hours of cloud storage. If you’re looking to record continuously, though, you’ll want to invest in Nest Aware. Nest Aware provides 30 days of storage for $6 a month or $60 for the year, plus 24/7 continuous recording.

Nest Camera Specs

As we note in our Nest cameras review, for the last several years, Nest has offered two separate camera lines, each with an indoor and outdoor version. The first of these lines, their most basic camera, is the Nest Cam. Both the Nest Cam Indoor and the Nest Cam Outdoor versions have 1080p HD resolution and 8x fields of zoom.

The company also offers the Nest Cam IQ Indoor and the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, more advanced cameras. The IQs have 4K sensors, HDR, and intelligent imaging. Intelligent imaging means that anytime the cameras spot a person, they zoom in on them automatically, whereas basic motion detection would detect cars, animals, and the like. And that zoom is 12x, as opposed to the basic cameras’ 8x.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor
Nest Cam IQ Indoor

All four Nest cameras feature 130-degree fields of view, infrared night vision, and two-way audio. We’ve found two-way audio especially useful for calming our puppy during thunderstorms while we are at work.

We should also mention the Nest video doorbell, since it’s technically a camera as well. We rated it 9 out of 10 and featured it in our list of best video doorbells. Learn more about how much the Nest doorbell costs, but note that, like the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor, the Nest Hello isn’t in stock at Amazon.

New Nest Camera Line?

One final note: As of late 2020, Google has discontinued its Nest IQ series. The Nest website notes that it has sold out completely of both its IQ Indoor and IQ Outdoor models. However, the Prime Day pricing should still be in play, as Amazon continues to offer the IQ Indoor. In addition, Nest assured us that it will continue to offer full support for its IQ Cams, so we think the IQs are still a worthwhile investment.

Nest Cam Outdoor Magnetic Mount
Nest Cam Outdoor Magnetic Mount

As for Google, their “sold out” pages note, “We will keep investing in new innovations, including a new lineup of security cameras for 2021.”2 Is it possible these new cameras will be released in time for the upcoming Prime Day in June? As we mentioned before, Google likes to wait until the last minute to reveal what they’re up to. Anyway, Nest tends to sell only their more outdated cameras on Amazon, so it’s unlikely that their new cameras will make it onto Amazon by Prime Day 2021.

In conclusion, most signs point to a release later in the year, perhaps in time for this year’s security camera Black Friday deals. After all, a new Google device, which could be the new camera lineup, only just arrived at the FCC for compliance testing in March.3


What kind of home security camera deals do we expect on Nest security cameras come Prime Day this June? Well, if the past is any indication, we think you’ll be able to get Nest Cams for 35 percent less on average. Of course, competitors such as Ring, Blink, and Arlo will lower their own prices as well, so we recommend staying brand-agnostic until you’ve done your research.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line equipment, though, Nest is hard to beat, especially at its sale prices. We’re hoping to save 50 percent or more on not only Nest cameras but also the Ring Floodlight Cam, Philips Hue smart lighting, the Nest Learning Thermostat, and the Nest Thermostat E at Amazon. Call us crazy; we just love smart home devices.

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