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In the U.S, ADT is synonymous with home security. The company has been around for over 140 years, making it by far the oldest security company in our country, and that reputation comes with high prices, for their flagship systems, at least. But ADT has made a lot of changes, particularly in the past few years; they bought competitor Lifeshield, renaming it Blue by ADT, which offers self-monitoring only and monthly contracts. If that’s too much of a mouthful for you, let’s jump to breaking down all the ways you can save on ADT, in whatever form you prefer.

Savings Through The Seasons

Break out your calendars, because we’re showing you all the ways to save on ADT throughout the year.

Classic ADT

Two of the biggest shopping days of the year, we’ve seen ADT discount their security systems on Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays past. However, there was a shocking lack of sales throughout the year on occasions like Christmas, Memorial Day, Labor Day and other holidays where sales are common. See what’s included in their package options before getting a deal (hopefully!).

Feature Secure Smart Complete
24/7 Professional Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Alerts, Schedules and Automations No Yes Yes
Digital Panel Yes Yes Yes
Doorbell Camera No No Yes
Entryway Contact Sensors Yes Yes Yes
Environmental Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Garage Controller No Yes Yes
Indoor Camera No No Yes
Keychain Remote Yes Yes Yes
Livestreaming from Mobile Devices No No Yes
Motion Detector Yes Yes Yes
Outdoor Camera No No Yes
Professional Installation Yes Yes Yes
Record and Save Clips No No Yes
Remote Arming and Disarming No Yes Yes
Smart Light Bulb No Yes Yes
Smart Plugs No Yes Yes
Smart Thermostat No Yes Yes
Window Decals Yes Yes Yes
Yard Signs Yes Yes Yes

Blue by ADT

Blue by ADT System
Blue by ADT System

Now, we’re not exactly sure if this will remain the case, but last year, before ADT required it, Lifeshield had an amazing Black Friday sale for customers.

Systems up to $399.99 Systems between $400 and $799.99 Systems $800 and Up
Discount $100 $200 $300
Free Indoor Camera Yes Yes Yes

We’re hoping this remains the case under ADT, because we love Blue by ADT, as per our Blue by ADT review. If that’s at all interesting to you, see the package options available from Blue by ADT below.

Packages Components Complimentary Month of Professional Monitoring Free mobile app Initial Cost
Custom Smart home hub, keypad Yes Yes $179.99
Starter Smart home hub, keypad, two door and window sensors, one yard sign, four window stickers Yes Yes $219.99
Starter Plus Smart home hub, keypad, four door and window sensors, two motion sensors, one yard sign, four window stickers Yes Yes $299.99


Discounts for Seniors or Military?

We appreciate companies that give discounts to seniors, often AARP members, specifically, veterans or people actively serving in the military. After some digging, we found that ADT gives discounts to seniors through AARP1 and to veterans through Veterans Advantage.2 Let’s look into each deal more closely.

ADT Senior Discount

While it’s not heavily advertised, ADT gives AARP members 20 percent off of professional installation of new systems, plus two bucks a month off of monitoring to go along with it. And if you’re an AARP member as well as a small business owner, you can get the same discount!

Tip: Businesses need security too. In fact, during the COVID-19 pandemic, even closed businesses were burgled more frequently than normal. In Seattle, these types of burglaries increased the overall city burglary rates by almost 44 percent, while they increased by 41 percent in Denver and 17.5 percent in New York.3 To protect your business, get smart sensors and security cameras installed as soon as possible.

ADT Military Discount

Blue by ADT Indoor Camera
Blue by ADT Indoor Camera

Veterans Advantage members can save up to $914.90 on professional installation of an ADT security system, plus free hardware with a three-year contract. Here’s what that hardware consists of:

  • One motion sensor
  • Up to six contact sensors
  • One door keypad
  • One keychain remote
  • One ADT window sticker.

On top of that, members will be able to get a $100 Visa gift card plus a year of free VetRewards. Basically, it pays to be a veteran with ADT!

Do I Qualify: Anyone who’s part of the “greater military community”, either active duty or a veteran who has served in the U.S military along with their immediate family members, can join Veterans Advantage.

Free Trials?

We’ll cut to the case: ADT doesn’t have a free trial, which makes sense as some of their systems require expensive professional installation. To learn more, read our page on ADT’s pricing.

Blue by ADT Base
Blue by ADT Base

Discount Codes and Coupons

Unfortunately, ADT isn’t huge on giving discounts and coupon codes; given that they’re without a doubt the most recognized home security brand, this isn’t super surprising. Watch out for coupon websites that give you codes for ADT, as these may not be accurate.

Blue by ADT App History
A screenshot of our Blue by ADT app.


Again, contracts differ based on which system you get. For classic ADT systems, we were locked into a three-year contract, which we had to pay out in the first six months. Considering those monthly prices ranged from $40 to $60 a month, this was a lot of money to spend. If you want flexible, month-to-month contracting, go with a Blue by ADT system. It offers a choice between self-monitoring and professional monitoring as well as DIY or professional installation, so it’s cheaper than ADT’s traditional systems, with or without a discount.

FYI: If you don’t want to sign a long-term contract, go with Blue by ADT versus ADT’s flagship systems, which have customers sign up for three years.


If you’re looking for an affordable home security system, definitely try to get a discount or deal before you buy ADT. With ADT, you get what you pay for in terms of quality, as you can see in our ADT review, but if you’re looking to spend a little less, again, go with one of their specialty brands.


Now, let's answer some of the questions our readers often ask us about ADT's deals and discounts.

  • Does ADT offer discounts?

    ADT offers discounts, particularly during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. ADT also gives senior discounts to AARP members. The discount takes 20 percent off of the installation cost, which usually starts at $100. On top of that, ADT takes $2 off of the monthly monitoring fee of seniors. Military personnel and their families also receive discounts from ADT. Veterans Advantage members can save up to $914.90 on professional installation, plus a free security system consisting of a motion sensor, up to six contact sensors, a door keypad, and a keychain remote. This equipment comes with a standard three-year monitoring contract.

  • How do you get the best deal on ADT security systems?

    You can get the best deal on ADT security systems by buying during sales seasons. Historically, ADT has offered discounts during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, it rarely offers discounts on other holidays such as Christmas and the New Year. Another way to get the best deal on ADT security systems is to haggle. ADT transacts with customers through sales representatives, and if you play your cards right, you might be able to get free or discounted equipment. Seniors and military personnel also get additional discounts, so if you belong to either of those groups, be sure to take advantage of ADT’s offers.

    Deals Senior discount Military discount
    Requirements AARP membership Veterans Advantage
    Installation fee discount 20% off Up to $914.90
    Monitoring discount $2/month X
    Free equipment X 1 motion sensor, up to 6 contact sensors, 1 keypad, 1 keychain remote, $100 VISA gift card
  • How much does ADT cost monthly?

    ADT costs $40 to $60 per month, depending on the features included in the monitoring plan. The lowest plan includes professional monitoring for intrusion and environmental hazards like fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide. The higher plans include home automation and video monitoring, as well.

  • How long are ADT's contracts?

    ADT’s contracts are either month-to-month or three years. A three-year contract is standard with an ADT classic system, but ADT now also owns several specialty brands like Blue by ADT, formerly Lifeshield. If you want a long-term contract, go with a classic ADT system. If you prefer a system with month-to-month monitoring, go with the specialty brands.

Editors Rating:
9.6 /10
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