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Saving on smart home security isn’t just reserved for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Rather, you can save on security systems from Vivint year-round. On this page, we’re going over all the ways you can save on Vivint, which is a blessing as their prices are pretty up there. Let’s start saving!

Vivint Outdoor Cam Pro
Vivint Outdoor Cam Pro

Mark Your Calendars: Vivint’s Year-Round Deals

Cutting straight to the chase, Vivint doesn’t offer too many deals year-round, although they always offer free quotes for their systems, as prices aren’t listed on their website (but if you aren’t a fan of talking on the phone to other humans like all millennials or Gen-Zers, read our Vivint pricing page). Aside from a free quote, there’s not much you can expect from Vivint that won’t cost you a pretty penny, much to our dismay.

Vivint Camera
Vivint Indoor Camera

Did You Know: Aside from the voice assistants Alexa and Google Assistant, you can integrate Nest thermostats and Philip Hue lightbulbs in with your Vivint security system, creating automated triggers between your home security, temperature, and lighting.

Past Deals

We’re not gonna lie: Vivint hasn’t exactly showered us with deals in the past, but there were a few promotions that we took advantage of.

Black Friday

Back in 2011, Vivint gave us savings of up to $500 total, which covered free installation and activation of any new home automation or security system, announced on their Facebook page. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen a Black Friday sale from Vivint since!

Vivint Entry Doorway Sensor
Vivint Entry Doorway Sensor

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is Black Friday’s lesser-known cousin, and Vivint has known to be a bit more generous on Cyber Monday than on Black Friday, offering the same deal as on Black Friday 2011, plus, two years ago, a free doorbell camera and installation. The best part? It lasted for an entire week, saving us $328 total! We pray for such savings this year to the discount gods.

FYI: Vivint offers highly-rated apps for iOS and Android devices; their ratings in the Apple and Google Play stores are 4.6 and 4.5, respectively.

Codes and Coupons

Are you sick of scouring coupon site after coupon site for codes that don’t work? We certainly are, so we’ll be direct with you: most Vivint sales don’t require coupon codes. Rather, they’re applied automatically at checkout, so you don’t have to worry about typing in VIVINT2020 or anything like that. Check their websites for any special promotions!

Vivint Doorbell Camera
Vivint Doorbell Camera

Can I Try Vivint For Free?

When we tested out Vivint in our Vivint security system review, we knew we had seven business days to request a return in order to get our money back, as the company doesn’t offer a free trial. Beyond that, we’d have to keep our system, so make sure it’s right for you before purchasing. Which brings us to our next point…


With Vivint, the contact length depends on whether you pay for your equipment up front or finance it. Personally, we paid for our equipment all at once, so we weren’t locked into a long-term contract, just monthly payments. However, if you financed your equipment, your contact length will equal the time of your loan. Many Vivint customers have complained about being locked into long-term contacts that they weren’t aware of on the company’s Better Business Bureau page,1 and considering Vivint’s various lawsuits about predatory marketing and sales tactics,2 we weren’t terribly surprised.

Tip: If you’re on the phone with Vivint sales people, don’t be afraid to negotiate. We got installation for free, for example, while it typically costs $129!


With Premium Service systems, Vivint offers an 120 day warranty which begins at the date of installation. Within that time period, they’ll do any repairs for free, but after that period is up, customers will have to pay for service calls, plus taxes. 120 days amounts to about four months, which is pretty short, as most security system warranties last a year. Basically, be careful with your Vivint system, because you only have a short window for free repairs.

Vivint’s Monthly Costs

Unless you choose to self-monitor, Vivint necessarily requires monthly fees, and they’re not cheap, either, which is why deals and discounts are so important. Here’s what we were offered.

Smart Security Smart Home Smart Home Plan
24/7 Professional Monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Cellular Backup Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App Control Yes Yes Yes
Smart Home Integrations No Yes Yes
Smoke and CO Monitoring No Yes Yes
Tech Support Yes Yes Yes
Video Monitoring No No Yes
Price Per Month $29.99 $39.99 $49.99 for two cameras, $54.99 for three cameras, $59.99 for four cameras
Vivint Smart Home App
Vivint Smart Home App

If you’re new to the home security space, here’s an explanation of some of these terms:

  • Professional monitoring: While we had the option to solely self-monitor our system through the Vivint Smart Home app, we wanted a little more security , so we signed up for professional monitoring. That meant that, while we still got notifications when our alarms went off, so did a monitoring center filled with (gasp!) real humans, who are on call 24/7 to get us help if we need it.
  • Cellular backup: Let’s be honest: Wi-Fi, while certainly better than technology like printers, is still not where we think it should be, so we don’t like depending on it to connect with the monitoring center. Fortunately, all of the Smart Security plans include cellular backup to retain that connection, even if the whole neighborhood’s power has gone out.
  • Smart home integrations: Vivint works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so we could command it using our voices alone. However, our command options differed with each voice assistant, so here’s what we did with each.
    • Alexa: Turn lights on, arm security system in “away” mode, change thermostat, close garages, lock doors, show camera footage on Echo Show devices.
    • Google Assistant: Change thermostat, unlock doors, arm security system, show camera footage on Chromecast.

Vivint’s prices are really steep, especially if you have multiple cameras, so check for deals before you buy.


Getting top-notch home security doesn’t mean you need to be exorbitant amounts, which is why we recommend waiting until there’s a sale to purchase Vivint, which is one of the more expensive security systems we’ve tested. From discounts to deals to coupon codes, you’re sure to find savings somehow!

FAQs on Vivint Deals

You may be wondering if Vivint is worth it in the first place, with or without a deal. We’ve got you covered with the frequently asked questions below.

  • Can you negotiate with Vivint?

    You can negotiate with Vivint. The company doesn’t list products’ prices on their websites, and all sales occur over the phone, so feel free to negotiate with your sales person.

  • How much does Vivint cost per month?

    If you want to use Vivint as a local alarm system only, you can avoid paying monthly fees. However, if you want remote control, live stream footage, and notifications plus professional monitoring and cloud storage, the cost will range from $24.99 to $49.99 a month for the first two cameras.

  • Is Vivint worth the money?

    Although Vivint is expensive, we think it’s worth the money. Vivint has impressive equipment, in particular the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro and the Vivint Doorbell Camera; the outdoor camera includes 4K video resolution and person detection, while the doorbell camera has a three to five year battery life plus person detection, as well. Vivint is also worth it for its free professional installation plus its integrations with Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest thermostats and Philips Hue smart lighting. It also has a user-friendly app that allows for remote control, along with optional 24/7 professional monitoring.

  • Is Vivint better than ADT?

    No, we prefer ADT to Vivint, although they are close. However, ADT comes out on top due to its superior mobile applications, Kwikset, Z-Wave and Liftmaster compatibility, customer support over Facetime, and over 140 years in business. Compared to Vivint, which started in 1999, ADT has a much longer track record, not to mention fewer lawsuits regarding illegal sales practices.

Editors Rating:
9.4 /10
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  2. KUTV. (2018). Vivint will pay $10M to settle charges it misled customers into home alarm contracts.