Kangaroo Security System

Kangaroo System Pricing and Packages

  • DIY installation
  • Alexa and Google Assistant integrations available
  • Monthly or yearly contracts
Kangaroo Home Security System

Have you heard of Kangaroo? Here at Security.org we’re always looking for the latest and greatest in smart home security…for the right price, of course. We bought Kangaroo’s 5-Piece Security Kit for only $79, but it could’ve been free. How so? Keep on reading to find out about all of Kangaroo’s pricing, from equipment to monitoring.


Kangaroo components Price
Motion + entry sensor $29.99
Motion sensor $14.99
Water + climate sensor $29.99
Doorbell camera + chime $19.99
Kangaroo All Pieces
Kangaroo All Pieces


There was a lot to love about our Kangaroo security system, such as:

What We Like
  • Affordable professional monitoring: At either $10 a month or $99 a year, we can’t find 24/7 professional monitoring for much cheaper than with Kangaroo.
  • Flexible contracts: We signed up for the monthly Kangaroo Complete plan to avoid being locked in long-term.
  • Easy installation: Wires? Drilling? Syncing struggles? None were present when we installed Kangaroo.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant with Kangaroo Complete: Our professional monitoring also gave us smart home integrations so we could arm and disarm Kangaroo using our voices alone.
  • User-friendly app: We had no issues navigating the Kangaroo: Simple Home Security app, although there was a bit of a lag with the system in terms of notifications. Every rose has its thorn, we suppose.

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9.6 /10
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9.5 /10

Equipment Costs

If you’re looking for an affordable home security system, look no further than Kangaroo. We only spent $79 on the 5-Piece Starter Kit, in addition to the $29.99 we originally spent on the motion and entry sensor. We also bought the Kangaroo doorbell camera and chime for $19.99, but you can learn more about that in our Kangaroo doorbell camera review. Overall, you definitely won’t break the bank with a security system from Kangaroo; their most extensive package, the 8-Piece Starter Kit and Privacy Camera, costs only $149. We’re used to spending that amount on a single indoor security camera, so this price was a-okay with us.

Product Name Components Price
5-Piece Kit + Privacy Camera Bundle Two Motion + Entry sensors, one siren and keypad, two Roo tags, one yard sign, five window decals, one Privacy Camera $129 or $79 with annual purchase of Kangaroo Complete
5-Piece Starter Kit Two Motion + Entry sensors, one siren and keypad, two Roo tags, one yard sign, five window decals $79 or free with annual purchase of Kangaroo Complete
8-Piece Kit + Privacy Camera Bundle Three Motion + Entry sensors, one Water + Climate sensor, one siren and keypad, one yard sign, five window decals, Privacy Camera $149 or $99 with annual purchase of Kangaroo Complete
8-Piece Starter Kit Three Motion + Entry sensors, one Water + Climate sensor, one siren and keypad, one yard sign, five window decals $99 or $49 with annual purchase of Kangaroo Complete
Doorbell Camera + Chime Doorbell Camera + Chime $19.99
Five Security Stickers Five Security Stickers $14.99
Front Door Security Kit One Doorbell Camera, two Motion and Entry Sensors, one yard sign, two Roo Tags, one Siren, one Keypad. Comes with an annual Kangaroo complete plan. $99
Motion + Entry Sensor Motion + Entry Sensor $29.99
Motion Sensor Motion Sensor $14.99
Privacy Camera Privacy Camera $79 or free with annual purchase of Kangaroo Complete
Siren + Keypad Siren + Keypad $69.99
Two Roo Tags Two Roo Tags $24.99
Water + Climate Sensor Water + Climate Sensor $29.99
Yard Sign Yard Sign $14.99

To learn more about how our 5-piece system actually worked, read our Kangaroo security system review.

Subscription Costs

When we were purchasing our Kangaroo system online, the website also offered us Kangaroo Complete, their monthly or yearly subscription service. Covering all of our Kangaroo devices, which at this point has gotten mildly extensive, Kangaroo Complete gave us 24/7 professional monitoring, $1,000 worth of damage or theft coverage, integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant, a three-month activity history, and finally, text and voice call notifications. We also would have gotten a discount on our homeowner’s insurance…if we were homeowners, that is. Maybe next year!

Features Basic Plan Kangaroo Complete
Coverage All devices at one location All devices at one location
24/7 Professional Monitoring No Yes
Theft or Damage Coverage Maximum No $1,000
Smart Home Integrations No Alexa, Google Assistant
Activity History in Days No 90
Homeowner’s Insurance Discount No Yes
Notifications App Text, voice call
Monthly Cost $0 $10
Yearly Cost $0 $99
Discounts n/a Two free months with annual purchase

$10 a month for 24/7 professional monitoring alone is a great price compared to the rest of the market, which we’ll go over more in a bit.

Discounts and Deals

Kangaroo App Notification
Kangaroo App Notification
Free equipment deals with annual Kangaroo Complete package Reduced price equipment deals with annual Kangaroo Complete package
5-Piece Starter Kit $50 off 5 or 8-Piece Kit plus Privacy Camera bundle
Privacy Camera $50 off 8-Piece Kit

Kangaroo has some offerings that would make their equipment completely free or at a reduced price. Here’s what can happen if you sign up for their annual plan, which itself costs $99.

Free Equipment with Yearly Kangaroo Complete

  • 5-Piece Starter Kit
  • Privacy Camera

Reduced Price Equipment Deals with Yearly Kangaroo Complete

While we didn’t take advantage of these deals, here was what was available if you buy an annual subscription of Kangaroo Complete:

  • $50 off of the 5-Piece Kit + Privacy Camera Bundle
  • $50 off of the 8-Piece Kit + Privacy Camera Bundle
  • $50 off of the 8-Piece Kit.

Tip: Want to pay $0 for your security equipment? Sign up for an annual subscription of Kangaroo Complete for $99 when you buy the 5-Piece Starter Kit or the Privacy Camera.

Smart Home

Since we signed up for Kangaroo Complete, albeit monthly instead of annual, we got integrations with Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning we could command our system using our voices alone. Here’s what we said:

Kangaroo Box
Kangaroo Box

Google Assistant

  • Hey Google, tell Kangaroo Security to arm home/ doors.
  • OK Google, talk to Kangaroo Security disarm.
  • OK Google, talk to Kangaroo Security turn on/ off.


  • Alexa, have Kangaroo arm home.
  • Alexa, tell Kangaroo to arm the doors and windows.
  • Alexa, tell Kangaroo to disarm home.

While this was all well and good, we wish the Alexa skill and the Google action worked with all of Kangaroo’s products, not just their security systems. For example, it would’ve been cool to tell Google Assistant to show us what’s happening outside our front door via our doorbell camera, especially if we could’ve put it on our Nest Hub Max. We also wish the integrations allowed for more customization, like telling Alexa to arm our system at a certain time each day, like when we leave for work. But since Kangaroo is such a new company, we’re sure they’ll get more capabilities eventually.


Kangaroo reminded us most of Ring Alarm, particularly when it came to its monitoring costs. Ring Alarm also costs $10 a month or $100 for professional monitoring, but its equipment prices are a bit more expensive, as you can see on our Ring Alarm pricing page. For example, Ring’s 5-piece security system, which included a base station, contact and motion sensors, range extender and keypad, set us back $199.99. Compare that to Kangaroo’s 5-piece package, which again, included a motion and contact sensor, a siren/ keypad and two Roo tags and cost us $79, and Kangaroo is cheaper overall.

Kangaroo Tap Roo Tag
Kangaroo Tap Roo Tag

Another similar system to Kangaroo was abode, also a newer player in the home security game. Like Ring, abode’s equipment costs were higher than Kangaroo’s; their Smart Security Kit, which contained a Gateway, motion sensor, contact sensor, and key fob, was $179 total, detailed on our page on abode’s costs. Professional monitoring was twice as costly with abode as it was with Ring and Kangaroo, if you choose the monthly plan like us. However, abode’s yearly plan was the same as Ring and Kangaroo the first year at $100, although it went up to $180 from the second year on. All in all, you can’t get much cheaper than Kangaroo; they have some of the lowest prices around, and we’ve seen them all.

Payment Methods

To pay for our security kit, we used a Visa, but Kangaroo accepts all of the most popular credit cards like Mastercard, American Express and Discover, as well. They also accept cryptocurrency, which is rare for a home security company. However, if you have a gift card or a prepaid debit card that your aunt got you last Christmas, keep it in your wallet for now, as Kangaroo won’t accept either type of card.

FYI: Super concerned about privacy? Pay for Kangaroo using cryptocurrency like Monero,1 which completely anonymizes its users.

I Broke Kangaroo. What Now?

We’re huge klutzes, so we always like to check out a product’s warranty before we buy it. Fortunately for us, our security kit was under a one year warranty after our purchasing date. While we didn’t end up having to use it, it would’ve covered any defective product or part with a free replacement, either brand new or refurbished. If that was the case, contacting their support staff for a replacement would have been as easy as messaging Kangaroo through their Contact Us form. Sounds pretty painless to us! However, if, say, we slipped on a banana and accidentally crushed our door’s entry sensor, the warranty wouldn’t have applied, as it only applies to defective parts or products. Rats. Now we have to clean up all our banana peels!

Kangaroo Support
Kangaroo Support

Cancelling Kangaroo

After we spent months testing out Kangaroo, we were ready to cancel it, a sad necessity of being home security experts with a ton of systems to test. But lucky for us, the process was seamless; we just went into the Kangaroo: Simple Home Security app, clicked settings then my account then my plan. From there, we only had to tap cancel to get out of our monthly Kangaroo Complete contract.

Returning Kangaroo

Maybe the Kangaroo security system was not your thing from the jump; hey, we get it. We had 30 days from the shipment date to return our Kangaroo equipment, but note that it only applied to equipment that we bought directly from their website. If we had made the purchase on Amazon instead, we wouldn’t have been able to return it for a full refund. But if you bought it on the Kangaroo website, returning your devices is free within that time period; they’ll even provide you a return shipping label, if you email [email protected]


Clearly, Kangaroo is at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to cost, be it for equipment or monitoring. It’s especially worthwhile if you take advantage of the Kangaroo Complete annual plan deals and get free or discounted equipment. How does a two-year-old company have such low prices? It may have something to do with their funding, which was around $14.6 million,2 the last time we checked. While some of their products work better than others, ultimately we’re excited to see more from this disruptive player.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be still left with a bunch of questions regarding Kangaroo, so we’ve answered a few below.

  • Who owns Kangaroo Security?

    Kangaroo Security is its own company and is not owned by a parent or holding company.

  • Is there a monthly fee for the Kangaroo doorbell?

    There’s no required monthly fee for the Kangaroo Doorbell Camera. However, you can pay for Kangaroo Complete or a Porch Protection Plan for one year or cloud storage versus one day with the free plan, plus a few extras.

    Feature Basic Plan Porch Protection Plan Kangaroo Complete
    App notifications Yes Yes Yes
    Cloud storage in days 1 365 365
    Homeowner’s insurance discount eligibility No No Yes
    How many doorbell cameras does it cover? All doorbell cameras per location All doorbell cameras per location All doorbell cameras per location
    Live streaming Yes Yes Yes
    Maximum coverage for package theft No $300 $300
    Type of monitoring Self Self Self
    Unlimited users Yes Yes Yes
    Monthly price $0 $1.99 $10
    Annual price $0 $23.88 $99
  • How does the Kangaroo doorbell work?

    The Kangaroo Doorbell Camera connects to a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network to connect with the Kangaroo: Simple Home Security app for either iOS or Android devices. When the camera detects motion, it will send the user a screenshot. The Doorbell Camera gets its power from three AA batteries, which have a one-year life.

  • What is Kangaroo Complete?

    Kangaroo Complete is the top-tier plan available from Kangaroo Security. With a Kangaroo security system, it gives users the following benefits:

    Features Basic Plan Kangaroo Complete
    24/7 professional monitoring No Yes
    Activity history in days No 90
    Coverage All devices at one location All devices at one location
    Coverage maximum for theft or damage No $1,000
    Homeowner’s insurance discount eligibility No Yes
    Smart platform integrations No Alexa, Google Assistant
    Type of notifications App Text, voice call, app
    Price per month $0 $10
    Price per year $0 $99
    Discounts n/a 2 free months with annual purchase
Editors Rating:
6.5 /10
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