Link Interactive Home Security Systems

Here's everything you need to know about Link Interactive, a security company that requires long-term contracts.

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Monthly monitoring starting at $30.99/mo.
  • 30-day money back guarantee
Link Interactive Security System

Are you tech-savvy, hands-on, and not afraid of a little DIY? Link Interactive offers high-quality DIY security systems that are very user-friendly. If you’re anything like us and prefer to only pay for features you’ll actually use, then Link Interactive may be a promising option. There are no pre-packaged bundles, and there’s no need for a landline to take advantage of all this company has to offer. In this article, we will go over what we love about their security system, the equipment and monitoring pricing, the smart home integrations available, and how it stands up to its competitors.

Contract pricing

Plans Cost per month
Standard $30.99/month
Gold $39.99/month
Elite $44.99/month

Did You Know: In 2015, more than 50% of robbery victimizations were committed by strangers.1 By investing in a quality security system, you can protect yourself and your family and decrease the chances of a burglar targeting your home.

What We Love About Link Interactive

Link Interactive System
Link Interactive System

When shopping for a home security system, we want one that is easy to install, simple enough to use every day, but also smart enough to integrate with our other IoT devices. In a nutshell, we love that Link Interactive offers…

  • Easy, DIY installation (and top-notch customer service whenever needed!)
  • Seamless integrations with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Reasonable monthly fees
  • An “à la carte” approach, which allows us to purchase only what we need to make the most of our security system
  • Self-monitoring & professional cellular monitoring options
  • Three different professional monitoring plans to suit every budget
  • Integration with, a mobile app that allows us to control the security system remotely via smartphone

As you’ll see by the end of this article, Link Interactive is an affordable, yet solid home security contender with just one main drawback— a lengthy contract. To learn more about our security system in use, read our full review.

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Link Interactive’s Equipment Costs

One of the main things that attracted us to Link Interactive was their wide selection of security and smart home products available to make our home safer. The company has door sensors, security cameras, fire alarms, and more! As we’ve mentioned above, we are a fan of this à la carte approach because we were able to truly customize our security system according to our priorities.

Equipment Cost Rundown for Link Interactive

Item Price
Premium Smart Home Panel $331
Smart Home Panel $251
Glass Break Sensor $69
Panic Button $29
Tilt Sensor $29
Image Motion Sensor $112
Door & Window Sensor $22
Secondary Touchpad $138
Outdoor Sensor $61
Motion Sensor $50
IQ Remote $207
Smoke/Heat/Freeze Sensor $66
Carbon Monoxide Detector $80
Premium Thermostat $132
Touchpad Deadbolt $135
Touchscreen Deadbolt $204
Garage Door Controller $114
Smart LED Light Bulb $22
Lamp Module $42
Outdoor Camera $199
Indoor Camera $140
Premium Indoor Camera $280
Doorbell Camera $167
Slim Doorbell Camera $177
Onsite Video Recorder-1TB $325

Monitoring Package Options

Link Interactive’s security system allows for both self-monitoring, which is free, and professional cellular monitoring. The monthly fees for professional monitoring start at $30.99 and go up to as high as $44.99.

Why Professional Monitoring?

While self-monitoring is an affordable way to keep your home safe, it doesn’t allow for other practical features that 24/7 professional monitoring does. Once during work hours, we had a family member fall down the stairs at home and need assistance. Thanks to professional monitoring, an alert was sent out immediately to a monitoring station where a trained professional was able to help her via two-way talk and a call to the local police station for help in person.

In addition to on-call emergency help, professional monitoring may include other useful features like home automation and HD video monitoring.

Hot Tip: Travel a lot? Professional monitoring may be a great investment to keep your home safe while you are away. In the event that something suspicious takes place, professional monitoring services can alert authorities if you’re not home or unreachable.

Breakdown of Monitoring Packages

Currently, there are three different monitoring package plans to choose from. Each plan comes with professional cellular monitoring, two-way voice, intrusion, fire, and crash/smash alarms. The most basic plan goes for $30.99 per month and includes the bare essentials like smoke, fire, and CO detectors. With the gold plan at $39.99 per month, you get all of what the standard plan offers, plus some home automation features like energy management, locks, lights, thermostats, and remote control abilities online or via the app. Lastly, the elite plan is Link Interactive’s top-tier plan that includes everything the gold plan offers, plus HD on-demand, scheduled, and object-activated video monitoring with analytics.

Monitoring Plan Snapshot for Link Interactive

Features Standard Gold Elite
Cost $30.99 $39.99 $44.99
24/7 Professional Monitoring Included Included Included
100% Cellular Included Included Included
Intrusion, Fire, Crash/Smash Included Included Included
2-Way Talk Included Included Included
Smoke, Fire, CO Detectors Included Included Included
Home Automation Not Included Included Included
HD Video Monitoring Not Included Not Included Included

As we were inquiring about the different package options, we learned that there is a standard 36-month contract in place that you must sign. The only way to get a 12- or 24-month contract instead is to either already own the security equipment, or pay for it upfront. With that said, Link Interactive may not be the best choice for those looking for a shorter, monthly contract. However, one good thing about the long terms lengths is that they won’t increase during the term of the contract, locking in a rate.

Are you possibly moving soon? Link Interactive allows you to move your security system for free, as all installation is totally DIY. Another option is to see if the new owners of your home would like to take over your contract, with no additional transfer or activation fees.

Link Interactive takes care of its customers by offering a 30-day, money-back guarantee and a three-year warranty on all of its equipment. Cancellation after this period, however, may incur a fee.

How Does Link Interactive Integrate With A Smart Home?

Link Interactive Sticker
Link Interactive

It’s 2022, and home automation has become a norm for many households. With that said, we were pleased to confirm that not only does Link Interactive excel in the home security department, the company also offers a plethora of home automation equipment! Their system relies on Z-Wave technology2 to power their home automation equipment, which includes thermostats, lights, video cameras, smart door locks, doorbell cameras, and garage door controllers and sensors. All of these can be easily managed remotely via the app3 on a smartphone. In short, Link Interactive covers all of our bases when it comes to home automation and security needs!

In addition to Z-wave devices, their security system works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We already use Alexa and Google Assistant all the time in our home, so we could choose which one we wanted to use with this security system in particular. However, for those not as obsessed with voice assistants as we are, you will only need one or the other to control your devices. Here are some examples of commands we currently say on repeat to both assistants:

  • Set the temperature to 75 degrees.
  • Turn off bedroom lights.
  • Lock all doors.
  • Arm my security system.
  • Turn on the living room lights to 20%.
  • Is my security system armed?
  • Close the garage door.

Sure, it’s convenient to manage these same controls via the app, but the voice control option is nice to have when we don’t have our phones nearby. Long gone are the days we have to get out of bed to flip a switch to turn off our lights!

Hot Tip: 57% of Americans say that smart home technology products save them an average of 30 minutes per so we recommend getting some smart tech in your home today!

How Link Interactive Stacks Up to Competitors

Selecting the right home security system for your home can be tedious. You may be wondering, “what makes this security company different from other home security brands?” The same thought crossed our minds when we were shopping around. From all of our research and going through the purchasing process, we learned a few things that made Link Interactive stand out from the crowd.

We’ve reviewed systems from a plethora of home security companies, but let’s use Frontpoint as an example and point of reference to see it compares. A notable difference between the two brands is their monitoring costs. Frontpoint is more expensive, with their monitoring price range starts at $44.99 per month, going up as high as $49.99 per month. Link Interactive has a wider range to accommodate more budgets, starting at $30.99 per month for the basic plan and going up as high as $44.99 per month for the top-tier plan. As far as compatibility goes, Link Interactive also steals the spotlight. Their security products are compatible with a wide variety of brand-name security products, so you have a lot of choices. But one area that Frontpoint won was the installation, as we found their systems easier to set up.

Overall Value

Link Interactive has economical options for every budget. We appreciate that we didn’t have to pay extra money to have someone come out and install the system. Rather, we were able to do it ourselves, relying on their customer service team to help us out when needed.

We also like the company’s “à la carte” approach. While other brands may require customers to pay for pre-made packages, being able to pick and choose what we wanted made us feel like we were getting our money’s worth. It would be nice if the company offered shorter contracts without requiring people to purchase equipment up-front, however. But in short, we would recommend Link Interactive to our friends who aren’t afraid of a little DIY or to sign up for a three-year contract.


Now let's answer a few frequently asked questions about Link Interactive, especially its pricing, plans, contracts, and offerings.

  • Does Link Interactive require contracts?

    No, Link Interactive does not require contracts if you self-monitor the system. However, self-monitoring the system means you can’t access Link Interactive’s companion app and you won’t get alerts through text, email, or phone call. The system will only sound the alarm. If you choose professional monitoring, which we recommend, there will be a contract. The standard contract length is three years, but you can negotiate a one-year or two-year contract if you purchase the equipment upfront or if you already own a security system compatible with Link Interactive’s monitoring service.

  • How much does Link Interactive professional monitoring cost?

    Link Interactive’s professional monitoring costs $30.99 to $44.99 per month. With the $30.99 Standard plan, you get professional monitoring using cellular signal, access to the app, Crash and Smash protection for the control panel, and environmental safety monitoring. With the $39.99 Gold plan, you get the same features as the Standard plan plus home automation. And finally, with the $44.99 Elite plan, you get access to all features including video monitoring. You can also self-monitor Link Interactive as a local alarm, but you won’t get much else in terms of features.

    Features Standard Gold Elite Self-monitoring
    Monthly price $30.99 $39.99 $44.99 $0
    Contract length 1-3 years 1-3 years 1-3 years No contract
    24/7 professional monitoring X
    Cellular monitoring X
    Environmental safety monitoring Local alarms only app access X
    Crash and Smash protection X
    Home automation X X
    Video monitoring X X X
  • Can you install the Link Interactive security system yourself?

    Yes, you can install the Link Interactive security system yourself. Once you’ve purchased a security system, Link Interactive will ship it to you in a box containing all the components, batteries, and peel-and-stick adhesive tapes you’ll need for the installation. The box also contains a quick install guide allowing you to complete the installation on your own.

  • Does Link Interactive have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, Link Interactive has a 30-day money-back guarantee, also known as a return policy. From the day you receive the system, you will have 30 days to decide if the system is right for you. If you decide that it’s not, you can return the system, cancel the contract, and get your money back. Take note that the refund policy takes effect on the day you receive the system, regardless of whether you already installed the system or not.

Editors Rating:
7.0 /10
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