Arlo Security Camera Cost and Pricing

Arlo has a few security cameras to choose from, the Arlo Pro 2, the Arlo Pro 3 and the Arlo Ultra.

  • Wireless home security cams
  • Wide-range of high-quality camera options
  • Third-party smart home integration
Arlo Security Camera System

What began as an offshoot of Netgear has now become a DIY security juggernaut. When it comes to wireless home security systems, Arlo sets the gold standard. All of its devices, from cameras to doorbells, are designed to create custom home security solutions without the constraints of cords. Sure, our dogs might miss having something to chew on, but if a security system can deliver peace of mind wirelessly, then count us in.

In this article, we’ll dive into Arlo camera pricing: each of its devices, how the WiFi-connected devices function with Arlo’s monitoring plans, and if Arlo can deliver a truly cordless home security solution.

Favorite Things

Arlo Pro 2
Arlo Pro 2

Before you see the pricing, we want to tell you why we think Arlo’s pricing is worth it.

  • Wireless devices: As mentioned before, Arlo prides itself on its cordless devices. This not only freed us from the hassle of power cables, but it also allowed us to place our devices anywhere we liked, without worrying about proximity to an outlet. For those of us worried about replacing batteries, however, you can plug many of Arlo’s cameras in, as well.
  • High quality video: Not only can Arlo’s line of cameras capture video in high-def resolution, from 1080p HD to 4K, but many of them also pack in advanced features such as color night vision and panoramic fields of vision. Some of the cameras, such as the Arlo Ultra, even featured a motion-activated integrated spotlight!
  • Simple installation: Each of Arlo’s systems boasts a simple DIY installation. We synced devices easily through the use of Arlo’s smartphone app. What’s more, with screw and magnetic mounting options available for our cameras, placing our devices was also a snap.
  • Smart A.I.: In addition to stellar video quality, Arlo’s cameras adjust to movement, zooming in on subjects of interest. They even feature advanced object detection, helping our system differentiate between passing traffic, people, and packages.

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Equipment Pricing

Arlo Video Doorbell Button
Arlo Video Doorbell Button

Unlike other DIY security systems that offer different types of starter kits, Arlo centers everything around it’s line of cameras. You can purchase the Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro 3, and Arlo Ultra alone, as an add-on, or as part of an Arlo camera system that also includes a base station and installation materials. For those of us just getting up and running with an Arlo system, we recommend purchasing one of these kits of either one, two, or three cameras, depending on the size of your home.

For example, the Arlo Ultra costs $299.99 when purchased on its own. However, we purchased a three-camera security system for $799.99, saving us about one hundred dollars solely in terms of the cameras alone, not to mention the addition of a base station, which would have cost $99.99 if we purchased it alone. Most of Arlo’s cameras are on the more expensive side of the market, but due to their video quality, durability, and AI features, we think they’re well worth the price.

Name of package Components Price
Floodlight Starter Bundle Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight camera, 25-foot outdoor magnetic charging cable $299.98
Light It Up Bundle Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight camera, solar panel $329.98
Wireless Doorbell Everyday Bundle Essential Wireless Video Doorbell, 3 Arlo Pro 4s $749.98
Wired Doorbell Everyday Bundle Essential Wired Video Doorbell, 3 Arlo Pro 4s $699.98
Wireless Doorbell 4K Bundle Essential Wireless Video Doorbell, 2 Arlo Ultra 2s $799.98
Wired Doorbell 4K Bundle Essential Wired Video Doorbell, 2 Arlo Ultra 2s $749.98
Mid-to-Large Home Bundle Essential Wired Video Doorbell, 3 Arlo Pro 3s, Arlo Pro 3 $1,049.97
Complete Protection Bundle with Wireless Doorbell Essential Wireless Video Doorbell, 3 Arlo Pro 4, Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Essential Indoor Camera, solar Panel Charger, Chime 2 $1,229.94
Complete Protection Bundle with Wired Doorbell Essential Wired Video Doorbell, 3 Arlo Pro 4, Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Essential Indoor Camera, solar Panel Charger, Chime 2 $1,179.94

Here’s all of Arlo’s individual equipment pricing if you’re not looking for a big package:

Camera Price of add-on camera Price of 1 camera kit Price of 2 camera kit Price of 3 camera kit Price of 1 XL camera
Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera $99.99 $99.99 $199.98 $299.97 n/a
Arlo Essential Wireless Security Camera $129.99 $129.99 $259.98 $349.99 $149.99
Arlo Go $349.99 $349.99 $699.98 $1,049.97 n/a
Arlo Go Wireless Security Camera $429.99 $429.99 $859.98 $1,289.97 n/a
Arlo Pro 3 $99.99 $189.99 $229.99 $329.99 n/a
Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera $249.99 $249.99 $499.98 $749.97 n/a
Arlo Pro 4 $199.99 $199.99 $379.99 $549.99 n/a
Arlo Ultra 2 n/a n/a $299.99 $599.99 n/a

In addition to cameras, Arlo also offers doorbells, security lights, and a wide range of accessories.

Here are the Arlo video doorbell prices:

Equipment Price
Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell $149.99
Arlo Essential Wireless Video Doorbell $199.99

Here are the prices of Arlo accessories:

Equipment Compatibility Price
Solar panel charger Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 4 $79.99
Solar panel charger Essential cameras $49.99
Solar panel charger Pro, Go $79.99
Battery Go $59.99
Charging station Pro, Pro 2, Go $59.99
Battery Pro, Pro 2, Go $49.99
Rechargeable battery Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 4 $49.99
Dual charging station Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 4 $49.99
Rechargeable battery Wire-Free Video Doorbell $49.99
8-foot indoor magnetic charging cable All $24.99
25-foot outdoor magnetic charging cable Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 4, Pro 3, Pro 3 Floodlight $49.99
Base station Arlo, Pro, Pro 2 $99.99
Indoor power adapter Pro 2, Pro, Go, security lights $14.99
Outdoor power adapter Pro 2, Pro, Go $24.99
Magnetic wall mounts Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 4, Pro 3 $39.99
Baby table/ wall stand Baby Camera $39.99
Quadpod mount Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 4, Pro 3, Wire-Free Video Doorbell, Pro 2, Pro, Arlo, Go $12.99
Outdoor mount Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 3, Essential XL, Essential Spotlight, Essential, Pro 2, Pro $24.99
Table and ceiling mount Pro 2, Pro, Arlo $24.99
Outdoor mount Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 3, Essential XL, Essential Spotlight, Essential, Pro 2, Pro $19.99
Adjustable short mount Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 3, Essential XL, Essential Spotlight, Essential, Pro 2, Pro $19.99
Ceiling adapter Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 4, Pro 3, Pro 3 Floodlight, Total Security Mounts $14.99
Chime 2 All except Go $49.99
Arlo Bridge Arlo security lights $59.99
Set of 2 skins in black or green Arlo Go $19.99
Set of 3 skins in black, brown, grey, green, or camouflage Pro, Pro 2 $24.99
Set of 3 camouflage skins Pro, Pro 2 $29.99
Set of 3 skins in pink, blue, or yellow All $9.99
Set of 2 skins in camouflage Security lights $39.99
Set of 2 camouflage ghillie skins Arlo Go $34.99
Mossy Oak housing Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 4, Pro 3 $29.99
Camera housing Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 4, Pro 3 $24.99
Baby green bunny character Arlo Baby Camera $19.99
Baby kitten character Arlo Baby Camera $19.99
Baby puppy character Arlo Baby Camera $19.99

What’s interesting about each of these devices is the way in which they can function as standalone security systems. Although we can sync each piece of Arlo hardware to an existing system, one device can function on its own, as we monitor it through the Arlo app.

Without the assistance of a base, we set up our video doorbell and received calls to our phone each time somebody pressed the button. To learn more about how everything worked, check out our Arlo camera review.

Hot Tip: Arlo does not make dedicated window sensors or motion detectors, only security cameras, and video doorbells.

Arlo Secure Plans

Staying true to the DIY ethos, Arlo does not currently offer any sort of professional monitoring. Although it offered us ample support when it came to the setup and use of our system, it was up to us to monitor our cameras through the Arlo app.

That being said, Arlo offers Secure Plans, subscription-based services that allow us to take advantage of some of the more advanced features of our devices. However, even without a smart plan, we were still able to monitor our devices through the Arlo app, receive customized notifications, tune into live camera feeds, and store footage locally through the use of a micro-SD card.

Arlo Ultra 4K Camera
Arlo Ultra 4K Camera

For a list of each plan’s features, look here:

Features No Secure Plan Secure Plan Secure Plan Plus
Video resolution maximum 1080p HD 2K 4K
30 day video history in cloud storage X
Live streaming
Motion detection notifications
Animated preview X
Interactive notifications X
Package, person, vehicle, and animal detection X
Smoke/ CO alarm detection X
Activity zones X
Call a friend X
Emergency response X X
Priority support X
10% discount on X
Monthly price for 1 camera $0.00 $2.99 n/a
Monthly price for unlimited cameras $0.00 $9.99 $14.99
Monthly price of 14 days of continuous video recording (optional) $9.99 $9.99 $9.99
Monthly price of 30 days of continuous video recording (optional) $19.99 $19.99 $19.99

FYI: Continuous video recording, or CVR, is optional and will be added to your Secure plan cost.

Smart Home Integration

Our Arlo devices worked with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, and Stringify among other IoT brands. Here are some commands we found useful with these platforms:


After we enabled the Arlo Alexa Skill through the Arlo app, we could use our camera for voice commands. By saying, “Alexa, show me the patio,” we tuned into our outdoor camera’s stream on our Echo Show 8. Even cooler, by using our Fire TV, we could stream this video onto our television, which displayed the 4K video from our Ultra beautifully

Apple HomeKit

Enlisting the help of Siri, we could also tap into our camera’s streams. By saying, “Hey Siri, show me the living room,” we viewed our living room livestream right on our iPhone.

We also utilized our camera’s two-way audio and spoke through it. If we had kids, this would come in handy in getting them to finish their homework. But since we just have dogs, we used this feature to make noises at them. Let’s not forget, dogs can also be an effective deterrent2 to potential home invaders as well!

Google Assistant

Using Google Assistant, we could tap into our camera’s streams by saying, “Okay Google, show me the front yard.” We were also able to stream this footage on our smart TV by using Chromecast, or simply show it on our Nest Hub.

Comparing to Competitors

Arlo Security Camera System
Arlo Security Camera System

With Arlo’s most recent cameras costing at least $99.99 a piece, that’s certainly on par with other options out there like SimpliSafe’s SimpliCam ($99); however, we think Arlo’s cameras are well worth the price of admission. Made of durable hardware that can withstand elements, they offer a versatility not often seen with cameras at this price point. The SimpliCam requires an additional kit to be used outdoors, and it relies on an AC power supply, that is, a wall plug. Additionally, Arlo offers advanced AI features like person detection, while the SimpliCam can’t differentiate between people, pets, and other moving objects like cars, resulting in unnecessary notifications.

A major difference between Arlo and its competitors is in its lack of professional monitoring. While we had little trouble watching over our devices through smartphone alerts, there is something to be said for a brand like Blue by ADT, which offers 24/7 professional monitoring through one of its domestic security centers. Of course, that also included a monthly fee of $19.99 a month, so that’s something to keep in mind, as well.

Overall Value

Arlo sets out to reshape the world of home security into one that’s free of long-term contracts and wires, and, on the whole, we think it succeeds. Each of its cameras provides a highly sophisticated way to monitor your home with as few moving parts as possible. Whether you only need one camera or twelve, Arlo makes it easy to build a system suited to your needs and manage it with little hassle.

With that said, the lack of professional monitoring might suit the type of person looking to set up a system and let it run itself. However, for the type of person looking for high-powered cameras with a hands-on app experience, Arlo might just be the home security solution of your dreams.

Editors Rating:
8.8 /10
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