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When we were in elementary school, we had to sing a song in chorus class about identity. The lyrics went: “Identity is the world of me. Identity is a fact, you see.” But what happens when that identity is stolen?

Whatever the answer is (knock on wood, it’s never happened to us!), we’re committed to laying out everything you need to know about the various brands of identity protection. Here we’ll break it all down, from Identity Guard’s offerings to whether or not it’s worth it.

Identity Guard
Identity Guard

How Much Does Identity Guard Cost?

Now that we’ve eaten the identity protection appetizer, so to speak, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes. What does an Identity Guard subscription include?

Feature Value Total Ultra
401k and investment account monitoring No No Yes
Annual credit report from 3 bureaus No No Yes
Bank account monitoring No Yes Yes
Credit and debit card monitoring No No Yes
Credit monitoring from 3 bureaus No Yes Yes
Criminal and sex offense monitoring No No Yes
Customer support based in U.S Yes Yes Yes
Dark web monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Data breach notifications Yes Yes Yes
High risk transaction monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Home title monitoring No No Yes
Identity theft insurance with $1 million maximum reimbursement Yes Yes Yes
Monthly credit score from 1 bureau No Yes Yes
Risk management report Yes Yes Yes
Safe browsing tool Yes Yes Yes
Social media insights report No No Yes
USPS address change monitoring No No Yes
White glove resolution concierge No No Yes
Monthly plan for individuals $8.99/month $19.99/month $29.99/month
Monthly plan for families $14.99/month $29.99/month $39.99/month
Annual plan for individuals $90.00/year $200.00/year $300.00/year
Annual plan for families $150.00/year $300.00/year $400.00/year
Monthly cost of the annual individual plan $7.50 $16.67 $25.00
Monthly cost of the annual family plan $12.50 $25.00 $33.33

There are three tiers to the Identity Guard subscription: Value, Total, and Ultra. We could sign up either as an individual or as a family, which means any and all adults and children living in one household.

Actually, we thought about signing up as a family with our roommates, which would be a great deal for a bunch of young adults trying to save money, live life, and also protect our Social Security numbers. But ultimately, we went for the individual plans because our roommates already had their own service preferences (although we’re definitely keeping this idea in mind for future roommate situations).

Did You Know: The latest 2021 Census data shows there are 46,000 non-family households in the U.S.1 To help protect the people you do life with, we highly recommend talking to your roommates to save on identity protection! Make it like electricity or Wi-Fi, just another bill you’re splitting.

Once we decided to go forward as individuals, we had to decide which level of coverage we wanted. Since there’s no free trial, we were hesitant about spending too much, but the plans are all reasonably priced.

The Value plan lives up to its name and is a great value—just $8.99 for an individual and $14.99 for a family on a monthly basis. For one person, that’s the cost of less than two fancy Brooklyn coffees per month. We figured that we can brew a pot at home once or twice a month in order to protect the most important digital information of our lives.

For families, the Value plan gives even better value as you can divvy up the cost among your family members. Even if you don’t have kids, the family plan makes sense for protecting you and your spouse, starting at just $12.50 a month. That’s a far better deal than buying two individual plans!

The plans increase from there, but there are a lot of core services that Identity Guard offers across all three levels:

  • $1 million insurance with stolen funds reimbursement: As you might know from reading our other identity monitoring reviews, $1 million is the standard insurance coverage across the industry. But ID theft plans from LifeLock, for example, don’t provide this much coverage at the most basic level, so it’s nice to see that Identity Guard does.
  • U.S-based dedicated case manager: A real-life person would be dedicated to us and our stolen identities should the problem ever arise. As cool as IBM Watson © is, it’s nice to know that if everything goes wrong, there will also be a real person there to walk us through freezing our credit and taking back control of our credentials.
Identity Guard - Freeze your Information
Identity Guard – Freeze your Information
  • Risk management score: This is the score that doesn’t lie. It tells us how at risk of identity fraud we might be, and how our actions and lifestyles change our score. Without naming names, let’s just say one of us has a lifestyle much more conducive to high-risk management scores than the other.
Identity Guard Risk Management
Identity Guard Risk Management
  • Online identity dashboard: The more information we feed the beast, the more monitoring it can give us. The dashboard has many boxes that provide easy access to potential alerts, the Watchlist, and our credit reports and scores.
  • Mobile application: We love a mobile app. You may not know this about us, but Aliza is an iPhone girl for life and Gabe swears by his Android. It’s the biggest fight we have, but somehow we get by. Luckily, the Identity Guard app was available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for both of us to enjoy, bug-free on either device.
Identity Guard App
Identity Guard App
  • Monitoring for personal information on the dark web: We’ve never personally been on the dark web, but that doesn’t mean our information hasn’t been there; it’s a hotbed of anonymous cybercrime.While we were trying out Identity Guard, there was a data breach at one of the online platforms we use to order sushi, and our username and password were actually on the dark web, just waiting to be sold. Fortunately, Identity Guard sent us an alert and we were able to change our password on the platform in minutes. Our sushi was safe, but so were our identities.
  • Monitoring high-risk transactions: If you’re a millennial like we are, think of a high-risk transaction as one your mother would make, but you never will. It’s hard to know who exactly you’re giving your credit card information to online these days, which is why this monitoring is key.
  • Anti-phishing mobile app: A second app! Identity Guard also offers the Anti Phishing by Identity Guard app, which can detect and block phishing websites on Chrome, Dolphin and Samsung Internet. That’s a good thing because phishing has gotten so sophisticated that even digital security experts like us have fallen for it in the past (it turned out to be a Target coupon that was too good to be true).
Identity Guard Anti Phishing App
Identity Guard Anti Phishing App
  • Safe browsing extension: With Identity Guard, we were protected not only on our phones but also on our laptops. Identity Guard has a browser extension that helps protect our privacy online, which includes an ad and flash blocker, tracking protection, mining protection, and more.

App ratings

App name and compatibility Rating
Identity Guard, iOS 2.2
Anti Phishing, iOS 2.9
Identity Guard, Android 2.7
Anti Phishing, Android 3.2

FYI: In 2021, phishing attacks are on pace to rise 47 percent compared to 2020, and most phishing takes place in the United States.2 You always think you’re too smart to be susceptible…until you aren’t. Apps and tools like Identity Guard’s browser extension will protect you even when you’re being too confident.

It was comforting to know that even with the Value plan, we’d have all of these services at our disposal. However, there’s one major service that isn’t available through the Value plan, and that’s basic credit monitoring. We needed to upgrade to either Total or Ultra in order to receive a monthly credit score from one bureau with three-bureau credit monitoring. Only with the Ultra plan could we receive a three-bureau annual credit report.

How important credit scores and monitoring are to you will probably have a big impact on which plan you choose to go with. We felt like credit monitoring was important to have, and were happy to see that Identity Guard’s credit monitoring included our credit scores and reports from all three bureaus.

The credit score updates themselves are less important to us—we rent our apartments and don’t plan on going to graduate school anytime soon, or ever—so the monthly one-bureau updates were plenty. That’s right folks, we played it right down the middle with a Total plan.

But you should know some of the monitoring we missed out on that’s available with Ultra: social media insights, bank accounts, credit and debit cards, 401(k), address changes, and more. To learn more, read our full review of Identity Guard.

Can We Do A Free Trial of Identity Guard First?

Let’s cut to the chase because we all know that money can be tight. It’s part of why we’re interested in identity protection services in the first place. Of course, we never pass up a free trial—never—and we always know where to find them.

Much to our dismay, we didn’t find one at Identity Guard. In contrast, we found deals for an annual versus monthly subscription, and another deal that offered 20 percent off the first month. It’s not free, but it’s not nothing.

Other theft protection services do offer free trials, like IdentityForce and IDShield, but you might find they don’t offer the same level of service as Identity Guard.

Our Favorite Features

Once we got over the fact that we’d be paying from the get-go, we logged into Identity Guard and began to explore what all the fuss was all about. It turned out we liked Identity Guard enough to name it one of the best ID theft protection services overall. Its top features?

  • IBM Watson © artificial intelligence: Available through all the plans, IBM Watson © is a feature that gathers insights about potential identity theft threats, which Identity Guard claims gives them the quickest response time for inquiries made with the three credit bureaus.
  • Low prices: Identity Guard has some of the lowest prices around, with the Value plan pricing at $7.50 per month for an individual and only $12.50 per month for a family. Even at the highest tier, the Ultra plan, Identity Guard family plan pricing only goes up to $39.99 a month.
  • Three credit bureaus: Even though credit reports are only available through the Total and Ultra plans, these offerings cover all of the basics we need to keep up to date on our credit. Simple and to the point.
Identity Guard Credit Score
Identity Guard Credit Score

Identity Guard’s Cancellation Policy

You know that feeling when something is supposed to be easy and simple, but it never is, so then the one time something is actually easy and simple, it feels like a miracle? Identity Guard’s cancellation policy makes it simple to stop its service and makes up for the fact that there are no Identity Guard free trials.

We could cancel online literally just by logging into our account and going to the settings page. However, if we had been feeling up to a little human interaction (a rarity for us, personally), we could call the Customer Care Center at 1-855-443-7748.

We signed up for a month-to-month subscription because we like to live on the edge and are testing out the latest identity theft protection on the block constantly, but if we’d signed up for an annual subscription, we also could have canceled within 30 days of purchase and gotten our money back.


Overall, we’re fans of Identity Guard’s comprehensive features and affordable pricing, especially on the lower-tier Value and Total plans. Also, we really appreciated how easy it was to reach a human through a specific case manager or customer service. While it still annoys us that it doesn’t have a free trial, this certainly isn’t a dealbreaker, and we think Identity Guard is worth it overall.


Here’s how it works: you have questions, and we have the answers. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get regarding Identity Guard:

  • Which is better, LifeLock or Identity Guard?

    We think Identity Guard is slightly better than Lifelock. They both ranked highly for us, but we gave Identity Guard a 9.5 out of 10 in our review, and LifeLock a 9.3 out of 10. What did that .2 difference come down to?

    For us, it was privacy. LifeLock has run into some issues with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regarding its lack of protection surrounding customer data, while Identity Guard’s history is relatively tame with no history of run-ins with the federal government.

  • What is Identity Guard with Watson?

    Identity Guard provides a service called IBM Watson © Artificial Intelligence. IBM created a computing system called Watson that can scour the internet for users’ credentials. Identity Guard uses this tool to gather insights about potential identity theft threats, which it claims gives it the shortest response time for inquiries made with the three credit bureaus.

  • Is Identity Guard a legitimate company?

    Yes, Identity Guard is a legitimate company founded in 2001 with about 500 employees. Aura, another identity protection company, owns Identity Guard and has been registered with the Better Business Bureau since 1996 with an A+ rating.

  • Where is Identity Guard located?

    Identity Guard is located in Herndon, Virginia. But, obviously, the service is available online wherever and whenever you are located in the United States. For us, Identity Guard worked just as well in Brooklyn as it would in Virginia.

  • How much is Identity Guard per month?

    The cost of Identity Guard depends on what plan you sign up for. If you’re signing up just for yourself, the plans range from $7.50 to $25 a month. If you’re signing up for a family, meaning anyone and everyone in your household, those plans cost between $12.50 and $40 per month. Of course, there are savings to be had if you sign up for an annual plan.

    Plan type Value Total Ultra
    Individual $8.99/month $19.99/month $29.99/month
    Family $14.99/month $29.99/month $39.99/month
Editors Rating:
9.5 /10
  1. US Census. (2021). America’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2021.

  2. Phish Labs. (2021). Q1 2021 Threat Trends & Intelligence Report.