ID Watchdog Review

Equifax-owned and praised for their comprehensive ID theft restoration services

By Aliza Vigderman, Senior Editor, Industry Analyst & Gabe Turner, Chief Editor

In this review, we tested out ID Watchdog, an Equifax-owned identity protection service. Did ID Watchdog meet their high standards? Keep reading to learn about how ID Watchdog works and hear our experts’ evaluations.

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  • Secure two-factor authentication
  • Outstanding credit monitoring features
  • Complete identity theft restoration

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ID Watchdog Identity Theft Protection Features

Dark web monitoring Yes
Address monitoring Yes
Lost wallet assistance Yes
Credit score tracking Yes
Child credit lock Yes
ID Watchdog Account Sign-up
ID Watchdog Account Sign-up

Using ID Watchdog

ID Watchdog’s website was easy to navigate and made signing up for an account and selecting a subscription a breeze. Once we made our secure payment and entered our personal information, we set up two-factor authentication for our account by answering a few simple questions, such as the month of our mother’s birthday and the apartment number of our previous address.

Finally, we finished our account set up and were taken to our dashboard. It seemed well-designed and straightforward, allowing us to catch up on alerts, our credit scores and reports, and more.

ID Watchdog Account Dashboard
ID Watchdog Account Dashboard

Later, however, when we tried to look at our credit information, nothing came up. It turned out this was just a glitch. In the meantime, we were still able to get our alerts and add new information to our account over the phone. As we continued to check our dashboard over time, there were no alerts to speak of, which meant that our identities were safe, for the time being.

ID Watchdog Features

Our Premium subscription came with access to an abundance of features. Most features fit into the following categories: identity, credit, financial, social, and recovery. Read on to find out more about our evaluation of the features in each category.

ID Watchdog Identity Verification
ID Watchdog Identity Verification


This broad category included monitoring for our names in a variety of areas, including the dark web; financial accounts, such as high-risk transactions and subprime loans; and legal information, such as public reports, change of address requests through USPS, and the national sex offender registry. If our information was found in any of these places, we’d receive an alert immediately.

ID Watchdog Account Alerts
ID Watchdog Account Alerts


ID Watchdog consistently monitors billions of data points, such as credit reports and VantageScore credit scores, for signs of credit fraud.

  • Credit score tracking: Every day, we had access to our credit score from Equifax, which again, owns ID Watchdog.
  • Credit reports: The monthly reports extended to all three bureaus.
    VantageScore credit scores: VantageScores are another way for lenders to decide who to loan money to, much like FICO scores.
  • Lock credit reports: If we found activity on our credit reports from any bureau that we thought was fraudulent, we could lock them so that our score couldn’t be changed, saving our credit from possible disaster.


By monitoring our credit cards, investments, and savings accounts for possible fraud, ID Watchdog helped us identify potential threats early, and allowed us to minimize financial damages.

  • Financial accounts monitoring: ID Watchdog monitored our investment, savings, credit, and credit card information for any potential fraudulent activity.
  • Assistance for lost wallets: Sure, ID Watchdog couldn’t exactly make a lost wallet reappear, but they did help us cancel and replace our cards.
  • Assistance for fraud alerts: We didn’t need it personally, but ID Watchdog can help less tech-savvy users set up fraud alerts with all three credit bureaus.
  • Assistance for credit freezes: Luckily, we didn’t have to use this feature, but if our identities were stolen, ID Watchdog’s live support specialists would have helped us to freeze all our credit reports.


ID Watchdog also helped us reduce uninvited solicitations. Not only did ID Watchdog add us to the National Do Not Call Registry, they greatly reduced the amount of junk mail we received, which helped us keep our minds, inboxes, and cell phones more organized.

Children’s Credit and Identity Safety

When we activated Child Credit Lock, we were able to create an Equifax credit report for any minor on our account, then freeze it. This freeze meant criminals who tried to open false accounts with that child’s enviable clean credit would be unable to.

ID Watchdog Order Summary
ID Watchdog Order Summary


Had we experienced a large-scale identity theft, ID Watchdog would have provided us with resources and reimbursements to help get us back on our feet.

  • Resolution specialists: If our identities were ever stolen, we’d be assigned an actual human, specifically a U.S-based customer care advocate to help us until everything was resolved.
  • Identity theft insurance: We’d also be insured for up to $1 million in reimbursement if our identities were stolen, which is a relief given that the average identity theft leaves people $10,200 less rich.
  • 401(K) HSA stolen funds reimbursement: ID Watchdog agreed to reimburse us up to $1 million for money stolen from our 401(K) or HSA funds, which included coverage for our employee stock options, health savings, and retirement accounts sponsored by our employers.

We found all this coverage super comprehensive, so, at least on paper, we felt really safe with ID Watchdog. But we were still unsure whether ID Watchdog was trustworthy as a company. Here’s what we discovered…

ID Watchdog Identity Theft Protection Features

Dark web monitoring Yes
Address monitoring Yes
Lost wallet assistance Yes
Credit score tracking Yes
Child credit lock Yes
Price $14.95 – $21.95 per month

Privacy and Security

It’s no secret that Equifax owns ID Watchdog. However, what not everyone knows is a couple of years back, Equifax had a gigantic data breach, which exposed the data of 147 million people.4 This breach occurred in 2017, the same year Equifax bought ID Watchdog. The worst part of it all is that Equifax has our data no matter what, and there’s no way to opt-out. The only thing we can do is monitor our credit reports and freeze them if we find anything fraudulent, which ID Watchdog covered for us.

A brief look at ID Watchdog’s privacy policy revealed some questionable information as well. All the information we gave ID Watchdog to monitor our identities, such as:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Payment information
  • Transaction history
  • Credit scores
  • Credit history

These pieces of data are all stored by the company long term. On a positive note, ID Watchdog won’t share our information with third parties for marketing purposes. Plus, ID Watchdog encrypts our data using TLS, which stands for Transport Layer Security. Using a handshake method, TLS5 authenticated our sessions and made our connections secure.

Of course, since ID Watchdog is based in Denver, Colorado, the federal government could legally make them hand over customer data,6 but that’s true of all the identity monitoring services we’ve reviewed.

Subscription Options for ID Watchdog

ID Watchdog Select ID Watchdog Premium
Number of Credit Bureaus Monitored 1 3
Credit Score Tracker from 1 Bureau Frequency Daily Daily
Credit Reports from 1 Bureau and VantageScore Credit Scores from 3 Bureaus Frequency No Daily/Annually
Number of Credit Bureaus With Reports That Can Be Locked 1 3
Monitoring for dark web, high-risk transactions, subprime loans, public reports, change of address, sex offender registry Yes Yes
Assistance for lost wallets, fraud alerts, credit freezes Yes Yes
Solicitation Reduction Yes Yes
Financial Accounts Monitoring No Yes
Equifax Child Credit Lock with Family Plan No Yes
Identity Theft Resolution Specialists Yes Yes
Identity Theft Insurance up to $1 Million Yes Yes
401(K)/ HSA Stolen Funds Reimbursement up to $1 million No Yes
Individual Monthly Cost $14.95 $21.95
Individual Annual Cost $150 $220
Individual Annual Savings $29.40 $43.40
Family Monthly Cost $23.95 $34.95
Family Annual Cost $240 $350
Family Annual Savings $47.40 $69.40

Unlike other companies, ID Watchdog makes subscription options really simple: Select or Premium. Of course, we signed up for Premium so we could try out the full enchilada, which cost us $21.95 a month, although we could’ve saved $43.40 had we signed up for a year. There were also plans available for families, which covered two adults and up to four children. Identity Guard has family plans that cover up to 10 kids, as well as an Identity Guard spouse plan to keep your loved ones safe from cyberthieves. We found a much more limited menu of options with ID Watchdog, so this was a bit disappointing. In general, however, ID Watchdog’s pricing is reasonable, and we definitely got a lot of bang for our buck.

Pro Tip: To save money, sign up for a year rather than a month. A family of six can save nearly $70.

Customer Support

ID Watchdog is one of the only identity protection services we’ve reviewed that offers phone and email support 24/7. When we had a question about what exactly our Premium subscription included, we found our support representative helpful and thorough. There was also a pretty extensive online help center. While it wasn’t as stellar and straightforward as Privacy Guard’s customer support (there’s a reason we rated Privacy Guard tops for customer service, after all), we were pleased that ID Watchdog makes reaching out for help pretty easy, too.

The ID Watchdog App

When we weren’t on our laptop, we checked out ID Watchdog via its mobile application for iOS, rated 2.1 out of five by customers. An Android version with a higher rating, 3.6 out of five, is also available on the Google Play store. We signed in with our username and password and even enabled Touch ID so we’d have to use our fingerprints to access our account on our phones.

ID Watchdog App Sign-in
ID Watchdog App Sign-in

After answering our security question, we were brought to the app’s main dashboard, which was supposed to show all our recent alerts. But again, when we tried to check our credit, nothing came up. Despite this blunder, it was very easy to navigate through the ID Watchdog app. Overall, we appreciated being able to quickly update and monitor most of our information through the ID Watchdog app.

ID Watchdog App Alerts
ID Watchdog App Alerts


Even though ID Watchdog certainly has its shortcomings, it does a great job monitoring our identities and supporting us if it is stolen at the end of the day. Their prices are affordable, especially with the annual plans, and their customer support is excellent. But their history is undeniably shoddy when it comes to privacy.

We recommend ID Watchdog if you’d like…
  • Comprehensive ID theft protection: From our bank accounts to the sex offender registries, ID Watchdog did a ton of monitoring to make sure our identities weren’t stolen.
  • Exceptional financial reimbursement: ID Watchdog customers are covered for $1 million in 401K and HSA reimbursement in addition to the $1 million in identity theft insurance.
  • 24/7 customer support: Day or night, live U.S-based customer care advocates are available to help us out via phone or email.
But don’t get ID Watchdog if you want to avoid…
  • History of data breaches: Equifax, ID Watchdog’s parent company, had a massive data breach in 2017.
  • Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes member: Based in the U.S., ID Watchdog could be forced to hand over customer data.
  • Data policy: ID Watchdog keeps its customers’ data even after their subscriptions are over.

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Editors Rating:
9.0 /10
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